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About AsiaVerify About AsiaVerify

AsiaVerify is a RegTech company, incorporated in Singapore, focused on building an automated, simplified and streamlined solution for risk mitigation and compliance systems in an effort to increase trust and safety when you are doing business in Asia.
AsiaVerify is a service by UNSD Information Technology Pte Ltd. (UEN 201913494Z) - a company registered in Singapore with offices and partners delivering our services from Australia, USA and China.
AsiaVerify provides an online platform with accesses to the most legally authoritative and compliant sources, to instantly verify businesses, consumers and employees online.

Automated Platform

- AsiaVerify provides a fully automated process from ordering to receipt of reports, minimizing manual intervention.

Impeccable Sources

- AsiaVerify connects you to data from the most legally authoritative and compliant sources.

Fuss Free

- AsiaVerify offers the most flexible payment methods, from company plans to Pay-as-you-go.
AsiaVerify is constantly striving to broaden its coverage network and add to its growing number of reliable data sources. AsiaVerify focuses in Asia but with capability to offer its service in more than 198 countries and territories.
Any industry, business or sector with compliance and/or AML obligations will benefit from AsiaVerify's expertise in technology, services and intelligence.

Our customers are diverse and include e-commercers, consulting agencies, law firms, accounting firms, financial services, supply chain and more. As no two businesses are the same,we tailor our reports to your unique requirements.

PaymentUsing AsiaVerify

You can access to AsiaVerify’s product through Web Portal or API Integration.

Web Portal

API Integration

- Please click here for full API documentation.
AsiaVerify is committed to constantly investing in technology in order to provide you with the best possible user experience. All reports we provide are available in both English and local language.
If you can't find what you're looking for, that service/data may not be available from the accredited sources for that region. For new investigations and special requests, get in touch with our support team.


For individual accounts, you may pay for the services you selected via credit card or PayPal, or join our subscription plan to save more.
For corporate accounts, Contact our sales representative for more information on our corporate plans.
Yes, it is only for corporate accounts. Please Contact our sales representative to learn more.

Delivery Delivery

For Instant services, you will receive results in seconds. For any services that do not offer instant results you will receive the expected delivery time as you place your order.
All of AsiaVerify's services are deliveried through our online platform. You can check your orders in your dashboard after successful login.
Please Contact us if the report has not arrived within the delivery timeframe.
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